Tender Foot Jewels


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~ Preservation

~ Halogram Flakes

~ size: estimated 10mm length x 15mm mm x 3mm thick (depending on available master stone)

If you are requiring a professional preservation using our safe to handle method we can do so for you to do with what you please.

This preservation will differ from our usual preservation we use when we create your keepsakes for the following reasons:

  • we need to make sure you and your little ones are safe
  • we do not know what your intentions are for the raw preserved powder and as such we can only offer you the safest option
  • our professional studio method of preservation contains chemicals that can burn and blister your skin if incorrectly handled 
  • our professional studio method is not safe for inexperienced crafting and when mixed with untested resin brands can react to the chemicals in the milk causing a dangerous gas. Kindly note that we do not use resin in our DNA stones.
  • our professional studio method is not guaranteed that other DNA artists will be able, or be willing to craft with it, we hold no responsibility for the denial of service from other companies to craft with your milk, this in fact is a responsible decision on the companies behalf and we fully support their decision in the rejection of doing so.

If you are requiring this preservation service for your milk to be returned to you stable and ready to craft with, please supply us with 2-10ml of Breastmilk, your preservation time will be around two weeks before it is ready to be returned home to you.

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