A popular accessory for centuries, pendants have a unique charm and appeal that has given this jewelry staple a staying power few other trends have enjoyed. A great diamond pendant is the foundation for building a diamond necklace or for that matter any necklace.

A pendant is that piece of jewelry that hangs from the special chain that you choose. In that regard, there can be so many looks one can create. A short or long diamond pendant necklace becomes one of the very first choices. If short, will the diamond pendant be a more petite style that is easy to wear every day with every look, or is it a bolder piece that makes a strong statement when its worn high on the neckline.

Perhaps it’s a woman’s ability to hold her most cherished memories close to her heart that draws both women and men to pendants. For women, pendants are an ideal gift for herself or someone close to her, and for men, pendants serve as the gift that shows a woman how much she means to him, whether a gift for his mother, daughter, partner, or a dear friend.