About the Community


Mother’s milk and other DNA- biological origin undergo a unique process of preservation done in Marikina.

Simultaneously, jewelry settings are made by local artisans in Bulacan.

Following that, the material is then fixed with jeweller’s enamel to make into a DNA stone. It is this processing technology that has the greatest impact on the durability of our pearls and their milky white qualities.

The entire process of Tender Foot Jewels creation is constantly monitored and improved upon by an experienced chemist.

Supporting Local Artisan


Creating livelihood opportunities for talented MARIQUEÑOS and BULACUEÑO local artisanswe got to know and whose stories deeply touched us.

As a result, we produce a special and original product making the highest quality handmade DNA jewelry we are proud of making.


At Tender Foot Jewels, we work directly with culture bearers, traditional artisans and provide them a way to expand the reach of their work. With great dedication, each piece they create requires of hours of work – and often takes years of practice and centuries of tradition. It’s hard to look at one of these products without feeling a deep sense of awe for the person who crafted it. Each product is made with care and dedication using traditional techniques that are environmentally sustainable.