Tender Foot Jewels offers a range of non-DNA inclusions (pigments, flakes, feng shui stones, etc) which you may add to your design to create colorful effect. 

Here you will find detailed information regarding all the styling options to help you visualize your own personalized breastmilk and DNA design styles! Before settling on your final design choices, please see make sure to read below:

The major defining factor in the final outcome of your breastmilk and DNA stone is the color, texture and other unique properties of the inclusion that is set in to stone. Please note that all pigments, glitters, flakes and feng shui elements will display in their own unique way. The photos throughout the website and our social media pages are the actual creations we have shows the basic examples of the design style. We are unable to guarantee any specific outcome as is and do allow for variations in the final appearance of your individual piece.

The styling choices are final once your order has been received, so please consider your design decisions very carefully. Contact us any time before placing your order to discuss design specifics at


If no non-DNA inclusion (found on EXTRAS PAGE: glitters, pigments, flakes, feng shui stones, etc) was placed on shopping cart, a pure breastmilk stone will be professionally casted using only your own breastmilk, honoring it’s natural color.

The color, depth and size of the setting have a significant impact on the final outcome of the breastmilk stone. Color variation due to bezel depth and metal selection are normal and to be expected.  Below are photos of pure breastmilk stones (Please click to enlarge).



The best metallic mica powder color pigments are carefully formulated to blend and smoothly mix with your DNA for the highest quality vibrant and colorful depth effect.

Pearl pigment is great for items such as  breast milk and hair beads. Gold pigment is best with darker materials such as ashes, placenta and umbilical. Gold is also stunning within the whole range! Both gold and pearl can be added to anything you like. Please note that gold pigment will give a yellow gold finish to the milk. If you wish to retain the whiteness of your milk we recommend sticking with pearl pigment regardless of whether the setting you choose is yellow/white/rose gold or silver.



There are a few ways that ways we mix and apply DNA with feng shui techniques. You can use them to create a balanced energy and environment in your life. You can also use specific gem colors to change your life and to aid in various types of healing.

Now there’s nothing to say that the powers and attributes given to any stone actually work and please don’t buy them with the certainty that they will heal or help you in the way described.  However, ancient traditions remain traditions for a reason and perhaps the power of positive thinking can help these stones do their thing.  And should all else fail, you have a really nice piece of jewellery to enjoy!


I absolutely love halographic flakes. It  totally catches all the colors of the rainbow and can be a gorgeous accent to your DNA stone.

If you are dreaming of that deep marine blue with gold accents, or are hoping to pick up all different shades of pink (you need to see the rose gold color!!) you can find many different shades of both of those colored sparkles & glitter, and many more colors!!!


We only use special environmentally safe glitters on our creations. This can add a very metallic, glamorous effect to your DNA stone. Plus they are super sparkly and have variety of gorgeous colors that are quite light-catching and reflective.



Gold pigment and a selection of colored flake looks FABULOUS together with all beads except breastmilk.

Light opal (or milk opal when added to milk) with pearl shimmer is ELEGANT! Dark opal looks amazing with umbilical cord or placenta!

Gold flakes - great teamed with gold pigment

Pearl Halogram flakes - aka moonstone, which looks very similar to an actual opal when added to milk

Dark opal flakes -great for darker inclusions such as placenta, umbilical, dark hair, ashes

We do NOT recommend flakes to be added with milk at all unless it is light opal