Making jewelry has been my life for years. I have been wanting something digital to share for so long.

By understanding the why and not just the how learning to make quality jewelry can be so much simpler.

My number one mission is to make sure you understand why I do things. And of course, to make your journey as uncomplicated, and fun as possible.

I know that making jewelry isn’t as easy as it looks, believe me, I have been exactly where you are right now. It wasn’t just learning skills the right way that was the problem, but procrastination and motivation used to drive me totally insane. And don’t even talk to me about that feeling of utter uselessness when things didn’t go to plan. But I want to let you in on something, this journey – this really can be fun, engaging, and rewarding! I promise.

These are items I would like to share with anyone wanting to start up a business or gain confidence in your craft.


Due to the digital nature of the products, there are no refunds on the products.