Our Team

Her name is Imelda Molina-Custodio, an engineer, an entrepreneur and the creator of Tender Foot Jewels brand.

In Abu Dhabi of 2009, with the inspiration from giving birth to her first born, Imelda believed that every story matters, and precious memories should be captured in the most beautiful of pieces as a bond between past, present and future generations.

It was a love-hate hobby until she discovered her stable preservation method after almost 3 years of trials and errors.

Coming back home in March 2015 and incorporating this as a product of her father's machine shop business, Tender Foot Jewels' vision is to capture families' physical representations of their life journey within beautifully handmade keepsake jewelry.

Tender Foot Jewels is a Philippine-based company that pioneered breastmilk, DNA, and Memorial jewelry designs and was the first to import and export these items globally, setting the gold standard in DNA keepsake jewelry.

Proudly Filipino! Local artisans in Marikina and Bulacan, Tender Foot Jewels is fueled by our appetite for creating, original and unique pieces of quality jewelry. Never far from our sketchbooks, has each design begun as the spark of an idea which evolves from a pencil drawing to a finished design. We love the process of experimenting with new designs, shaping the metals, exploring the way it’ll move and hang, and how it can be personalized. We oversees that each piece is created with integrity and care, ensuring the highest standard of detail from design to delivery. 

It’s a constant inspiration to us that the pieces we dedicate hours to creating will become something that whoever its for will treasure forever. Our pieces ignite wonderful memories, celebrate life’s special moments and tell a story.

Our team believe in and are devoted to the brand’s ethos and vision. With utmost care, understanding and precision, the Team works hard to transform your precious breast milk and keepsakes into beautiful jewelry.