True Memorial Diamonds

What is a memorial diamond? Memorial diamonds from ashes are authentic diamonds that are created from the ashes or hair of a loved one or pet. Carbon from the sample of hair or ashes is extracted and put through an intensive process of extreme heat and pressure application which mimics the Earth’s natural method of diamond creation.

Memorial diamonds are created to celebrate our love for those who were dear to our hearts and tragically passed away long before we could possibly prepare ourselves for it. These diamonds are created from the hair, fur, or ashes of beloved family members, friends, lovers or pets – this way, a small part of them will live on forever in the shape of a sparkling diamond.

Undoubtedly, our loved ones can be remembered in many ways: from assembling photo albums to writing memoirs and passing stories to future generations about our families. However, the most precious reminders are the ones we can always keep by our side – priceless tokens, little trophies of our happiness. Memorial diamonds are the perfect embodiment of all these special things. A remembrance diamond will serve as a cherished family relic, which will shine on throughout the years, while being passed from one generation to another, keeping the memory of our loved ones alive forever.