Taking fingerprints for our Fingerprint Jewellery is a different process to our Handprint Jewellery. We have developed an easy way to take very detailed fingerprints prints in your own home using a few simple household items.
Have a look at the fingerprints, can you see any detail? You want to capture any swirls and twirls in the fingerprint which are usually lower down from the tip of the finger. Everyone is born with fingerprints, however, usually, fingerprints don't become defined until a child is around 6 years old. This isn't always the case so for any child, we recommend taking the prints before ordering so you can judge the detail yourself.  
To follow our tips on taking fingerprints using the ‘Pencil Method’ you will need;
- A pencil
- Plain white paper
- Sticky tape
 TAKING PRINTS Here’s how you do it:
  1. Check that all fingers are clean and dry
  2. Using the pencil, scribble a square patch on the white paper, going over the same patch again and again
  3. Rub the finger over the pencil mark, this will make a dark mark on the finger
  4. Stick the sticky side of the sticky tape on the fingerprint and gently pull the tape away
  5. Stick the tape onto a white piece of paper
  6. Repeat the process using a few different fingers, often a thumb will have a more detailed print, however, this really varies between people. You will be able to see the detail under the sticky tape, please check that you are happy with the prints
Children's hand and foot prints are like a snapshot in their life, like a growth chart! One of my friends takes a set of both her kids every year!
These prints have a delightfully graphic quality and work beautifully on jewelry pieces, they are especially suited to very small items, like charms. Even at the smallest size, and although
they loose fine detail, they are still a true picture of the handprint.
Taking the prints is easy, you only need some very simple equipment, things most people
have around the house already.
These are the tools & materials you need
- Olive Oil (Baby Oil or any cooking oil will do)
- A small, soft paint roller, like the ones you use for painting walls (optional but will be fun with kids)
- A piece of glass or plastic to roll the paint out (a board with some plastic taped over it works fine, or a roller tray, like the ones you use when painting the walls)
- Black poster paint
- White copy paper
- Some news papers
- Rags
 TAKING PRINTS Here’s how you do it:
  1. Wipe a very thin layer of olive oil on the hands or feet to be printed, wipe all of it off again, so only a very thin film remains. This will make the paint come off much easier. A good barrier cream would work as well.
  2. Put a dollop of poster paint on the glass and spread it out a little with a brush.
  3. Use the roller to roll an even coating on the glass.
  4. When the glass (or plastic) has an even coating the roller will be ready to use on your children’s hands.
  5. Start with the hands, kids will get it quickly and there will be less trouble doing the feet. Roll a thin even layer onto the hands and have the child print the hand on a piece of copy paper. Roll out and repeat with the other hand, then do the same with the feet.
  6. If you think it would help, do some test prints on newspaper first, it gets the kids into the spirit of it, no need for perfection, no pressure to ‘get it right’, just fun!
  7. When you’re finished, take off excess with the rag and some water, then just wash up with soap.
  8. Lay the prints flat to dry, don’t worry if they buckle a little, it all adds to the charm and the spirit of the moment. When the prints are thoroughly dry they are ready to be sent.
Once you are happy with the prints, simply send them to us by posting them to our workshop address: TENDERFOOT JEWELS 5 Santan St. San Isidro 2, Concepcion 1, Marikina City
Remember to label the prints with a name and quote your order number. We will confirm by email that your prints have been received and immediately start work on your beautiful Fingerprint Jewellery or gift (during working hours). We keep a copy of all prints on file for 2 years to make re-ordering jewellery in the future easy.