Have you heard about breastmilk and DNA turned into cherished pieces of jewelry?


You came to the right place to know more about it!!

It’s no surprise that most moms are the most sentimental of all people. Like everyone on the team, we are crazy about preserving our loved ones' milestones. Years have gone by that we keep our child’s most treasured sentimental belongings kept on shoe boxes, wallets, books, and any other places we could think of. As we dive deeper into our sentimentalities, we don’t want to lose any of them. Instead, we can create something cherished out of it—much more like heirlooms to pass on to generations.

So, focus inward. Get honest with yourself. And start setting yourself up to have something to hand over to your loved ones or keep them with you always, after all, they are the things that matter to you MOST!

We do creatively design breast milk and keepsake jewelry to take a special memory into a tangible piece of jewelry and forever remind you of your milestones as well as your loved ones.

We use breastmilk, your baby’s cord stump, placenta, first curl, and first tooth. These are the ones that could only come into your life once and never again. Instead of you keeping it anywhere and ending up lost or nowhere to be found, better make it jewelry that can last forever and be handed down to your lovelies. Likewise, we can create precious pieces of jewelry from cremation ashes to be with you forever.

Due to the nature of these, your entire jewelry piece is handcrafted and preserved with love. But like most artists out there, we do need a lot of time to custom-make our own jewelry. The crafting process could range from 4 – 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the order and out flux of other requests. Do understand that we are also moms, wives, and entrepreneurs who juggle responsibilities but will treat every piece of jewelry with utmost importance and love like it will be ours. 


grew from an idea and passion behind what really matters in life and the way it makes us feel. Tender Foot Jewels captures the pure essence and feeling behind a physical & emotional part in someone's life, by taking their items which represent their journey and hand crafting them into delicate jewelry and other pieces in which a person can hold onto forever. Our mission is to carry the legacy of Filipino heirloom jewelry well into the future.


to outstandingly change the way this concept of jewelry is seen and worn in the Philippines by establishing a professional service with heart and soul.

We place the utmost care and love into each piece we create, and treat them with respect and care for which they deserve.

Your story matters & should be captured with love.


to take pride in creating our own original concepts and designs, so majority of what you see in our range is a Tender Foot Jewels original design and concept beautiful jewelry and celebrating those special occasions by making memories.


Proudly Filipino! Local artisans in Marikina and Bulacan, Tender Foot Jewels is fueled by our appetite for creating, original and unique pieces of quality jewelry. Never far from our sketchbooks, has each design begun as the spark of an idea which evolves from a pencil drawing to a finished design. We love the process of experimenting with new designs, shaping the metals, exploring the way it’ll move and hang, and how it can be personalized. We oversees that each piece is created with integrity and care, ensuring the highest standard of detail from design to delivery. 

It’s a constant inspiration to us that the pieces we dedicate hours to creating will become something that whoever its for will treasure forever. Our pieces ignite wonderful memories, celebrate life’s special moments and tell a story.

Our team believe in and are devoted to the brand’s ethos and vision. With utmost care, understanding and precision, the Team works hard to transform your precious breast milk and keepsakes into beautiful jewelry.


Each piece is lovingly handmade and takes a whole lot of time - from milk preservation to the final end product that clients receive. Creating each piece from scratch to ensure every item of personalised jewelry is as unique as the person we are creating it for. Our product is made using local 100% Recycled Bronze, Silver, Gold, ethically mined gems and some lab grown diamonds.

We guarantee that your piece will never leave our production table without undergoing rigorous inspections to ensure the absolute highest quality possible for your custom, hand-made keepsake.

We encourage mindful shopping habits through made to order designs, which help us avoid excess inventory and reduce metal waste. Our commitment to thoughtful design and sustainable practices embodied by our jewelries.

Organization process in place that ensures 100% accuracy when dealing with your breastmilk and DNA. You can be sure that the jewelry piece you receive is absolutely made using your own breastmilk and DNA.