The Promise


Each piece is lovingly handmade and takes a whole lot of time - from milk preservation to the final end product that clients receive. Creating each piece from scratch to ensure every item of personalised jewelry is as unique as the person we are creating it for. Our product is made using local 100% Recycled Bronze, Silver, Gold, ethically mined gems and some lab grown diamonds.

We guarantee that your piece will never leave our production table without undergoing rigorous inspections to ensure the absolute highest quality possible for your custom, hand-made keepsake.

We encourage mindful shopping habits through made to order designs, which help us avoid excess inventory and reduce metal waste. Our commitment to thoughtful design and sustainable practices embodied by our jewelries.

Organization process in place that ensures 100% accuracy when dealing with your breastmilk and DNA. You can be sure that the jewelry piece you receive is absolutely made using your own breastmilk and DNA.