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Use this Ring Size Chart as a sizing tool for your order!

This multi-sizer printable will allow you to measure your finger and ring size at home.


1. **Convenience**: Digital ring sizers can be downloaded instantly, allowing you to measure your ring size at your convenience without needing to visit our showroom or add up on the cost of buying the physical ring sizer kit.

2. **Accuracy**: This downloadable ring sizer is designed to be highly accurate when printed to the correct scale, providing precise measurements for your ring size.

3. **Cost-effective**: Digital ring sizers are often more affordable than traditional ring sizers or visiting a jeweler for measurement, saving you money in the process.

4. **Privacy**: Some people may feel uncomfortable getting their ring size measured in-store. With a downloadable digital ring sizer, you can measure your ring size in the privacy of your own home.

5. **Accessibility**: Digital ring sizers are accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a printer, making them widely available to people regardless of their location.

6. **Multiple Use**: Once downloaded, you can use a digital ring sizer multiple times for yourself or even share it with friends and family who may need to measure their ring size.

7. **Environmentally friendly**: By opting for a downloadable digital ring sizer, you're reducing the need for physical materials like plastic or paper that might be used in traditional ring sizers.

8. **Easy to Store**: Digital ring sizers can be stored digitally on your computer or smartphone, saving physical space compared to traditional ring sizers that need to be stored somewhere in your home.

9. **Customization**: Some digital ring sizers may come with additional features such as the ability to customize the size range or adjust for different measuring systems (e.g., US, UK, EU sizes).

10. **Educational**: Using a digital ring sizer can also serve as an educational tool, helping you understand how ring sizes are measured and giving you insights into the process of selecting the right size for your finger.

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