Fengshui Elements
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Fengshui Elements

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Feng Shui elements are naturally occurring mineral crystals that can be added to your breastmilk and DNA stones. They have been considered as healing and auspicious objects. With all energetic tools, be sure to purchase high-quality stones from ethical sources. The energy that is used to mine these crystals matters.

Please choose your non-DNA inclusion combination carefully. These are considered customization embellishments and Tender Foot Jewels is not responsible for any outcome that is not favorable due to embellishment choice, and no refunds or replacements will be made. By purchasing any piece, you agree to all terms and conditions outlined on this website. 

**PLEASE NOTE that glitter, flecks, and flakes tend to sink to the bottom of a molded piece before it hardens. For example, the embellishment adds may be more concentrated at the bottom of a pearl, rather than at the top.**

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