Tender Foot Jewels


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Whether you purchased your jewelry from us or not, you are more than welcome to have your jewelry inspected and cleaned in our ultrasonic.

We recommend everyone to have their jewelry (especially rings and bracelets) inspected every 6 months if your jewelry is worn every day to catch any thin prongs or clasps so a loss can be prevented and be cleaned to remove dirt and tarnishing.

Or want your old jewelry to look exactly like it did when you first bought them. This is the service you'd want to have.

How it works:

  1. Message us and send a clear photo of the jewelry you want us to clean. Mention the material your jewelry is made of (silver or gold). The above prices are estimations only. We will quote accordingly to the extent of cleaning if necessary.
  2. Purchase this service.
  3. Send your jewelry to our workshop.
  4. We do our stuff. Professional jewelry cleaning, inspect for any loose stones, etc.
  5. Estimated turnaround for this service is 2 weeks depending on cue.


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