Milka Hardener
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Milka Hardener

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Milka Hardener is a different kind of UV Resin. It is made specifically for breastmilk and DNA Jewelry arts. Tender Foot Jewels have tied up with a Japanese company that develops and sells molding materials centered on clay and UV resin. Only the materials selected for safety are used in the products, and the safety of the products themselves is also confirmed. Their high safety and quality are highly regarded.

This Milka Hardener is best cured under a strong UV lamp, although it can be cured in direct sunlight within approximately 15 minutes. This is not suitable for large items and is ideal for small pieces such as jewelry, bezels, molds, and other small projects.

Milka Hardener hardens quickly with a UV lamp and is easy to work with because no mixing is required, It's easy to use and does not require any measuring.  is known for its clean, transparent look and has outstanding hardness properties. It doesn't turn yellowish over a long period of time and has beautiful clear transparency after curing.



While this is tested, tried and true formula, please understand that your breastmilk sample may react differently, as in it may preserve in a different texture or color. While rare, discoloration can occur. Tender Foot Jewels is not responsible for your breastmilk reacting unfavorable, and refunds will NOT be given. If this happens, please contact the studio, and we will happily replace your powder proven you have followed the instructions of use that are given along every order.

This is also perfect for existing DNA Artists to add to a DIY Kit or to use for their own professional preservation.  Approved credited DNA artists are eligible for a wholesale discount, email us at for further information on the application for wholesale.

The price indicated is for 1 sachet and comprehensive instructions on how to use also included.


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