Name Inclusion
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Name Inclusion

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Applicable only on the following design:

1) Sarah Big Chunk Charm

2) Samuel Bracelet

3) Eileen Double Sided Pendant

4) Esther Pendant

5) Anita Pendant

6) Luz Filigree Locket

7) Eileen Double Sided Pendant

8) All unique print impression pieces of jewelry


Please indicate the requested name on ORDER REMARKS during checkout.


Maximum 10 letters.


Please choose your non-DNA inclusion combination carefully. These are considered customization embellishments and Tender Foot Jewels is not responsible for any outcome that is not favorable due to embellishment choice, and no refunds or replacements will be made. By purchasing any piece, you agree to all terms and conditions outlined on this website.?

**PLEASE NOTE that glitter, flecks, and flakes tend to sink to the bottom of a molded piece before it hardens. For example, the embellishment adds may be more concentrated at the bottom of a pearl, rather than at the top.**



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