The Becoming
The Becoming
The Becoming
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The Becoming

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It's been proven time after time that the many benefits of journaling through such a life-altering time in our lives include such as becoming a mom:
  • Journaling can help identify patterns in behavior - for new moms, this may lead you to seek help from our healthcare provider or support system
  • Journaling can encourage thinking about the bigger picture and how events in life are interconnected - for new moms, this can be especially helpful on days when you feel overwhelmed and bogged down by the monotony of feeding schedules, diaper changes, etc.
  • Journaling can help with organizing thoughts - for new moms, this is especially helpful when operating on little sleep
  • Journaling consistently can help with feeling more in control of daily life - for new moms, this is especially valuable when you feel like you have lost all routine and control you had before getting pregnant
  • Journaling can help track progress and completion - for new moms, this is a way to celebrate the milestones that both you and baby have completed together
  • Journaling and writing down thoughts and feelings can help with processing them quicker and better than bottling them up - for new moms, this is a way to get things out of your head and onto paper and can help you feel not so alone when we share them with others

There's something about paper and black ink that nourishes the soul with words that bring a sense of healing. These lines of ink have no judgment but can cope with our emotions and vulnerability. 

Download your '365 Daily Prompts - Becoming a Mom Journal' today and start journaling.

Pre-set pages, you can print them out as often as you like, including a blank matching page for your own prompts.

*A4 size / US standard letter / A5 size templates*

*This is a digital file & and you'll need to have access to a printer*

*The files are in PDF, and you will need to be able to open and print PDF*

*Digital file will be sent to you electronically after checkout*

*No refunds & returns on digital items*

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