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As much as you'd want to preserve your breastmilk for your own jewelry it just isn't possible for any reason. Or probably you'd want to document every step as you are so attached to it.

You have an option to watch us preserve your breastmilk as if you are doing it on your own or with us in real-time.

To support you with that, book our live or recorded preservation to witness from opening your package to making the final DNA stone for your order.

How does it work? You can choose:

Option 1) Two LIVE sessions via Zoom meeting so you can join anywhere, on any device (approx. 1 hr for preservation and a separate 1 hr for DNA gem casting. Gem casting is done 7 days after preservation.

Option 2) One LIVE session for preservation via Zoom meeting (approx. 1 hr)

Option 3) One LIVE session for DNA gem casting  via Zoom meeting (approx. 1hr)


When you cart this service, make sure to mention on ORDER REMARKS your proposed schedule availability if you chose any of the Options 1 thru 3. We will contact you to finalize the schedule.

If you wish to have a recording filed and sent to you,  we can do that as well. We will send a link for the video for you so you can download and watch it anytime


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