Momzilla Expo 2022

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Many parents want their memories to last when it comes to their newborn children. Most hide the navel (umbilical cord), the first cut of nails and hair even its first footprint. Making jewelry from mother's milk is not new. It's been a long time since Tender Foot Jewels did it.
The owner, Imelda Custodio started her interest in making her first child Albert born in 2009. Until now, 2022 is still going strong.
Love to have a little memento of your nursing/motherhood journey? Our exquisite breastmilk, DNA and memorial jewelries are now 30% off! Find out more at booth!

Why wait? Make sure you head down to Trinoma (Mommy Mundo EXPO 2022), this weekend October 8 & 9, 2022.
Doors open at 10am; be early to enjoy incredible deals on everything you need for baby, mummy and the whole family!


Tender Foot Jewels Breastmilk, DNA and Memorial Jewelries




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