DNA Jewelries


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Hardware: Choice of  Surgical Steel, 925 Silver, 10k, 14k, and 18k Gold (Tones available in Yellow, White & Rose)

Accent Stones: Choice of Swarovski Zirconia Crystals, Natural Diamonds, and Birthstones except for 925 Silver material.

Inclusions Applicable:

  • Ashes / Cremains
  • Preserved Umbilical Cord / Placenta / Nails / Breastmilk
  • Lock Of Hair / Fur / Horse Mane
  • Sand from a final resting place / favorite place
  • Flowers / Fabrics
  • and so much more

Customizations: The major defining factor in the final outcome of your breastmilk and DNA stone is the color, texture, and other unique properties of the inclusion that is set in stone. Please note that all pigments, glitter, flakes, and feng shui elements will display in their own unique way. The photos throughout the website and our social media pages are the actual creations we have that show the basic examples of the design style. We are unable to guarantee any specific outcome as is and do allow for variations in the final appearance of your individual piece. For more details on how to customize your breastmilk and DNA stone, please check our STYLING GUIDE.

The following may be added to your breastmilk / DNA stone free of charge:

Pigments: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellowgreen, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Brown, White

Shimmers: Pearl White, Pearl Kriska, Pearl Pink Beige, Pearl Rose, Pearl Turquoise, Pearl Sky Blue, Pearl Marine Blue, Gold, Silver, Pearl Blue, Pearl Pink

Glitters: Gold, Silver, Black, Copper, Pink, Red, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple

Halogram Flakes: Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Pink, Pearl

Precious Metal Flakes: Gold, Copper, Silver

Please refer to the photos section to help you decide on choosing your customization options.

The following add-ons are at an additional cost and must be added to your cart. These are more laborious to work with and the cost of goods is high, so they are at an additional fee. We only use genuine non-DNA inclusions. Please click the link below if you wish to purchase.

Feng Shui Elements: Lava Rock, Tiger Eye, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Onyx, Jasper, Hematite, Red Coral, Citrine, Pink Opal, Jade, Blue Agate

Birthstones: January - Garnet, February - Amethyst, March -  Aquamarine, April -  Diamond, May -  Emerald, June -  Pearl or Alexandrite, July -  Ruby, August -  Peridot, September -  Sapphire, October -  Tourmaline or Opal, November -  Topaz or Citrine, December -  Tanzanite, Zircon or Turquoise

Letter Inclusion

Name Inclusion

Metal Engraving

Dimensions: Breastmilk/DNA Bead size 8x10mm heart

Bangle Width: 5mm.

Bangle Diameter: FREE SIZE

Due to the size of this heart charm, we recommend only including one inclusion, such as ashes, hair, or preserved breastmilk. Colors are only a guide. Due to the size of the keepsake, colors will appear as flecks, and your main feature will be your inclusion.

It is also recommended not to add NAME INCLUSIONS on the design. Having a small area to work with on this design makes it difficult to place NAME INCLUSIONS and may be unreadable.


  1. For jewelry with breastmilk, send us 1-2 oz or 30-60ml for one piece of jewelry. Have it in a breastmilk bag (double or triple pack) or an ice bag and then put it on ziplock or vial and make sure it is properly sealed and secure. If you have a plastic food container (the cheap ones) would be best to avoid mishaps on shipment.
  2. For jewelry with the umbilical cord, send us a dried and at least half or a small part of it. Whatever remains will be sent back to you.
  3. For baby hair, we need 1 - 2 inches of hair.  Put it in a pouch or small plastic. If possible please put on a rubber band and tie it. Never tie it with scotch tape.
  4. For nails or cremation ashes, please put them in a small pouch/plastic.
  5. For cremation ashes and placenta powder, please send 1-2 teaspoons only.
  6. Please label it with your REAL NAME, FB NAME, ADDRESS, AND CONTACT NUMBER.

Each and every piece of jewelry we make is individually handcrafted and it is a unique piece of art. If you see some of our work and request similar colors and looks, we can accept that but keep in mind no two pieces of jewelry will ever be 100% the same so an exact copy of my previous work is not guaranteed. 

** Due to your keepsake being as unique as you are, we, unfortunately, do not offer refunds, please be sure to read our terms and conditions on our DETAILS page before ordering**


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